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It's Party Time !!!
It's Party Time !!!

It's Party Time !!!

Welcome to Childlike's parties of fantasy! At Childlike, we offer an unforgettable party experience for your children. We are dedicated to creating a place full of joy and surprises. Whether it's a birthday celebration, graduation party, Christmas party, gathering with friends and family, or any other special occasion, we can create a party venue that is filled with joy and surprises. Let your children and their friends have a unique and unforgettable party experience.



We have a team of professionals at party planning that will customize a unique party theme tailored to your child's interests and preferences. Whether it's princesses, superheroes, adventure captains, or the animal world, we can create a stunning party scene based on your choices.




At parties prepared by Childlike, you and your children can enjoy a variety of exciting activities and entertainment programs. In addition to themed decorations, we also provide amazing magic shows, clown performances, exclusive services, interactive games, themed costumes, face painting, balloon twisting, and a variety of surprises. Furthermore, we offer professional photography services to capture the beautiful moments of this special occasion.



We offer a variety of party packages to accommodate different needs and budgets. Our team is fully committed into assisting you to make Childlike Wonderland into the dream stage for your child's party, creating an unforgettable party experience for them. Please contact our customer service team now to start planning your party!


Let Childlike be the dream stage for your party, creating an unforgettable party experience for you and your guests! We look forward to working with you to create wonderful memories!

❇Please note that bookings for special theme parties and selected services need to be made in advance to ensure that we can provide you with the best service and arrangements.

Please contact our customer service team, and we will provide you with the appropriate plans and quotes based on your needs. Our team is fully dedicated to assist you.

We look forward to create a unique and unforgettable special theme party experience for you. Please contact us now to start planning for your special party!